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We are living in the entrepreneurial generation and with the evolvement in the surroundings, ideas are generated easily within us. How to make your idea into money is what we are responsible for.

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There is always a rhetorical question, why project management is essential for startups ????

On the deep research it has been suggested that few areas need intensive care during the establishment of an enterprise such as below. In most of the new ventures, everyone tries to come up with idea for the betterment eventually creating a foggy directions in the pathway. Prioritizing the goals become like an existence of the endangered species due to multiple opinions. And then balancing between the scope, quality and time is tedious at initial stage. Most of the failure happens due to scope creep though it is a well targeted plan. Even we got out for shopping, we tend to buy that extra t-shirt, similarly due to vacillating priorities or market volatility, cost overrun is most anticipated risk leading to bankruptcy. Here project management skills brings clarity, definition and frames the skeletal structure to build more. There are hundreds of tools in market for project management but key is to identify the precise one for your industrial space. The best part here is our expert team also designs the tools that benefits your required needs or identify the best suit. Evaluating the project at every phase and measuring the cost benefit ratio would help the members stick to the line.

Our experience in formulating the organization plan with hierarchy to maintain and manage the key decisions and distributing responsibilities among the team helps to stay away from the scope creep and maintain the resource levelling bycreating unique job description for each position.

Constantly monitoring and prioritizing the goal is evaporative due to multitasking in the startups, hence our experts pushes the aims and priorities on top of the bucket list and ensures every activity is veined with goals. Training the team constantly until they stablize with their BAU. Finance plan is given in phases until the project launches itself with stability. Business case will be created for understanding the current scenario which will identify the pain areas and investment times. On deep diving into due diligence and structuring, risk management plan has been formulated and contingency budget would be kept for purpose unknown unknown risks. Plan B or mitigations will be laid on each layers of work breakdown structure. .

Services for Existing companies

In recent research, it has been concluded that most of the organizations worldwide fail due to the reason that they do not ensure to align organization’s core strategy with projects they implement.

Business environment characterized by accelerated pace of change and the increasing complexity, many organizations struggle to implement the strategies and stick to their goal while generating profits. Sometimes there is a linear gap between the strategy and the net results, skills of project management builds bridge by incorporating and articulating the accountabilities across the team to identify, execute and sustain strategic outcomes. And developing KPIs which layer of bureaucracy to gauge success. Project planning and execution becomes art of luxury when there is multiple assignments in place, in that case our experts frames the methodological base plan which can be efficiently used on multitasking the teams.

We offer a fresh perspective on the existing services and delivery which triggers to identify opportunities that has been missed out. Identifying the redundancy of work will not only save time but yield profit by providing considerable alignment among immediate, medium and long term goals. Project managers contribute to competitive advantage due to their skills in managing relationships and an organizational willingness to foster these skills and leverage them throughout the organization, and learn from them how to manage people and relationships across organizational functions and boundaries.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions.

Personality Development

Enlightening the path to bring in your inner abilities. Embrace the positive thoughts to brighten your self confidence.

Personality is an amalgamation of qualities and attributes and every one of us is unique with some special ability buried within us. We live in a busy world that we fail to identify them or groom the skills if we know it. But it is always a boon to develop and evolve at any point. It is very important to have robust relationships, lucid thinking, stay constantly motivated for the successful careers and in long way reducing the stress due to conflicts and negative thinking. We help an individual to inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, empathy, optimism , reduced anxiety. Every environment gets benefited by a good and developed personality.

Here are few quick tips: We offer below courses to develop your

  • Watch your body language
  • Listen patiently
  • Analyse your thoughts before speaking out
  • Inculcate optimism
  • Improve social viability
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